Results Performance Management is a consortium of organziational development consultants specializing in performance and change management.





Organizational Needs Analysis 
Discover where breakdowns in processes, communications and personnel occur and the reasons why. 

Change Management
Redefine the corporate culture, realign business process and build a supportive team environment for long term viability.

Strategic Planning
Organizational, departmental, product or project-based strategic analysis and planning enable your organization to realize maximum return.

Critical Meeting Leadership
Resolve mission-critical issues and react rapidly to mitigate outcomes in a collaborative executive environment. 

Leadership Development
Define appropriate leadership competencies and enable leaders to maximize their natural gifts to benefit their organization. 

Mentoring and Coaching
One-on-one and team mentoring and coaching for improved leadership performance.

Team Development
Define roles and processes to facilitate effective team-centric decision-making, conflict resolution and problem-solving for improved productivity.

Performance Management
Define comprehensive organizational improvement programs supported by performance benchmarks for productivity increases. 




Assessment and Analysis Tools

to support the staff development initiatives 
in your organization 


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