Results Performance Management is a consortium of organziational development consultants specializing in performance and change management.




Cheryl Thomas, President

Results Performance Management enjoys a close working relationship with the following individuals:

Lori Downey

Jeff Griffiths

Roger Harmston

Ann Moskow 

Maureen Reilly

Frances G. Thorsen

Frank Towler



Results Performance Management is proud to work with an international clientele to solve their organizational development issues. With a team of highly-trained organizational development consultants, Results Performance Management provides a suite of services that deliver results reflected in both the bottom-line and a thriving corporate culture.

Core competencies focused on supporting improved individual and global performance include human resource and organizational needs analyses, performance and change management consulting, leadership and team development strategies, strategic analysis and executive coaching. Definitive benchmarking techniques measure success and provide reference points for further improvement.

Results Performance Management has a solid track record in the development of custom corporate training tools. Its instructional designers can create unique, exciting instructional materials that reflect corporate culture and create solid foundation for staff growth.


Results Performance Management excels in aligning people with the needs of their organizations, while shaping organizations to support the needs of their people. Only services that deliver tangible results of improved performance in an organization and its people, are worthy of consideration. 

These are the services that Results Performance Management delivers. 




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