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Presentation Skills

Communication in the information technology industry is characterized by obscure technical terminology and acronyms. Nowhere else is the use of language more alive, nor evolving faster to suit the speakerís needs.  The net result can be a breakdown in communication if IT professionals step outside their element and attempt to present new concepts, not fully defined. 

CHALLENGE  Develop communication skills in an engineering management team that transcends reliance on acronyms and technical terminology.

CLIENT PROFILE  The client is a respected multi-national information technology and communications developer-manufacturer; net sales in 2000 were in excess of $37 billion; staffing of 147,000 employees. The organization is keenly aware of its need to convey a consistent message to maintain its corporate positioning as a global IT and communications development leader.

Senior human resource management identified a requirement for presentation skills training within their wireless research and development divisions. Engineers promoted to positions of authority were frequently required to share their experiences regarding development of technology. These messages were often couched in terms that were meaningless to the listener, largely because the concepts were new and had no previous real world parallel.

SOLUTION  Results Performance Management was asked to provide core communications and presentation skills training to the research 
and development management team. 

A broad range of training and related activities on both a group and personal coaching level were required. To develop the custom message, a series of discrete activities took place; including the joint group development of a series of consistent analogies and terms that were easily understandable by non-technical individuals, and the development of graphical examples to illustrate key concepts. Training was centered on basic audience management and interactive skills, and finally delivery skills, designed to convey excitement about the products, process and organization in a succinct manner.

THE RESULT  The research and development management team have successfully presented their technology on numerous occasions since the presentation development sessions. Subjective feedback indicates the clear concise presentations have resulted in improved listener understanding and concept buy-in.






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